Discover Labneh - the spreadable yoghurt.

The origins of the word 'labneh' comes from Arabic. The word 'laben' means yoghurt in Arabic and so labneh derives from it and literally means 'too much yoghurt'.

It is traditionally made by straining most of the liquid out of yoghurt. Surprisingly it isn't high in fat and has a particular texture that elevates it above ordinary cream cheese without actually tasting like yogurt.

It contains no preservatives, no additives and no "E" numbers.

So how can you eat or cook with labneh?

Here are just a few quick fire ideas about how to use labneh:

  1. Spread some labneh on a bagel with some salt and olive oil and have it for breakfast with a cup of tea.
  2. Add it to home made burgers.
  3. Use labneh on your sandwiches in place of butter to add an exciting twist.
  4. Go traditional and have labneh with mint, olives and thyme on pitta bread.
  5. Use labneh in smoked salmon salads.
  6. Include it to your homemade sauces.
  7. Use it to thicken an Alfredo sauce or to add some extra moisture to pesto with penne.

Not only can you use it in pasta sauces but this great cheese works for any kinds of sauces you want to add a little tang to.

Labneh Spreadable Yoghurt - Yorkshire Dama Cheese

The Yorkshire Dama Spreadable Yoghurt Range

At Yorkshire Dama we celebrate this versatility by producing a wide range of flavours to complement various dishes.

Labneh - great with mint, thyme , olives and pitta bread.

Matured Yoghurt Balls - these little balls of joy are costed in chilli, chives or uncoated. All matured in olive oil and the finest Yorkshire rapeseed oil.

  • You can enjoy this product on crackers, with a salad or stuffed in pastry.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.