Discover the history of our beloved squeaky cheese

Squeaky cheese is adored in many parts of the world for its unique texture and delicious flavour. It is one of the most versatile cheeses as it tastes just as enticing raw, as it does grilled!

How is it made?

The traditional variety of this cheese is made with the milk from sheep and goats, however modern day cheeses have started to experiment with cow’s milk to create an equally delicious product and to support local farmers.

The method of making it starts with producing fresh cheese curds from with the milk forming a mild cheddar. Individual curds are frozen so the curds lose their soft texture and replace it with its notorious squeaky consistency, once these curds are ready they are then combined with a light salty mixture to form their authentic taste!

What can I eat squeaky cheese with?

Due to the high melting point of the cheese it works well when fried or grilled. During summertime, Cypriots enjoy eating squeaky cheese as part of a fresh salad or accompanied with watermelon for a light meal. 

In recent years, squeaky cheese has become associated with ‘trendier’ restaurants which utilise its delicious flavour within their gourmet burgers. It truly is one of the most versatile dairy ingredients that you can find to add extra flavour and texture to any dish!

The Yorkshire Dama Squeaky Cheese Range

At Yorkshire Dama we celebrate this versatility by producing a wide range of flavours to complement various dishes. 

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese with Cool Mint - perfect with a side of refreshing watermelon or couscous

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese with Chilli Flakes - ideal for a summer BBQ

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese with Oat Smoked Flavour - delicious with grilled seasonal vegetable such as asparagus or pumpkin

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese with Za’atar - this wild thyme flavour is sourced from Jordan, giving a true taste of the middle east

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese with Nabulsi - this variety is a rich cheese mixed with onion seeds, it is perfect paired with fresh salad leaves and tomatoes