What is Labneh and how to eat it?

Labneh is known as the healthier alternative to cream cheese throughout middle eastern cuisine. The yoghurt base makes this cheese a great option for light snacks and summer lunches!

What is Labneh?

Labneh is primarily made from a milk based yoghurt ingredient. To make Labneh, the full fat yoghurt is strained through a cheesecloth in a fridge for 24 hours until a soft consistency is formed. However, if the yoghurt is left to drain for longer over a deep bowl, a thicker texture - forming a cream cheese type product. 

Is Labneh healthy?

There are various health benefits that come with eating labneh as part of your daily diet. These include the low calorie content yet high protein levels to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Nutritionists also suggest that by consuming Labneh only twice a week, you can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the great probiotics that are present within this nourishing cheese.

We believe that our Yorkshire Dama cheeses are great in both savoury and sweet recipes, whether it be our yorkshire squeaky cheese mixed with watermelon or ricotta cheese in delicious desserts - the same can be done with Labneh! Here are our favourite ways to enjoy our quality Labneh cheese:

1. Create a Labneh dip

This dip is perfect to share with family and friends at a small get together or even as a light snack. Toast some pita bread, drizzle some quality olive oil over and season with herbs of your choice. Or even enjoy it spread on the pita or over some warm toasted bagels.

2. A quick veggie snack

Slice carrots, celery, cucumber and tomatoes into small pieces and enjoy them dipped into soft labneh. This is a great way to encourage children to enjoy vegetables as the Labneh gives a sweeter taste. 

Labneh Spreadable Cheese


3. Preserved Labneh balls

Simply spoon the Labneh into small balls and cover them in olive oil or pickle them in a jar for at least a month. Once the labneh balls are ready they can be used as a homemade alternative to mozzarella and are perfect for summer salads!

4. Healthy cheesecakes

Replace cream cheese with labneh when baking cheesecakes as the milk yoghurt ingredients of the cheese gives a sweet edge to the dessert and is often used in middle eastern cuisine.

5. Stuffed figs and dates

Mix the cheese with a drizzle of honey and stuff into figs and dates and top with crushed pistachios to create a favourite of the middle east!

How do you prefer your Labneh?