Cook up a delicious squeaky cheese burger using our new sheep’s milk cheese!

We are excited to announce that our brand new sheep’s milk squeaky cheese has just been launched! In partnership with Laund Farm we have created a deliciously squeaky, alternative to our traditional cows milk produce. Continue reading to find out how you can help to reduce milk wastage and support the local community by simply enjoying our delicious cheese.

Why sheep’s milk?

Milk is a daily essential in most of our diets, but cow’s milk isn’t always the best type of dairy to consume for everyone. The milk that is produced by cows can be split into A1 and A2 producers, different types of protein result in different side effects on the human body. Typically, the A1 proteins that are present within cow’s milk are more likely to cause digestive problems that many people who are lactose intolerant suffer from. For this reason, at Yorkshire Dama Cheese we aim to provide various options so that everyone can love and enjoy our squeaky cheese!

If you enjoy a creamier milk then sheep’s milk is the one for you! It’s rich consistency is ideal for cheese making, as well as being used in delicious desserts! Additionally, eating dairy products which contain sheep’s milk, opposed to cow’s milk, is recommended for those who have a more sensitive stomach due to the lack of A1 proteins. 

Current issues in the sheep milk industry

As the world went into lockdown, farmers of sheep milk saw a dramatic decrease in orders as restaurants, farm shops and deli counters were forced to close. This had a heartbreaking impact on many farms as they were left vulnerable and out of business. 

To avoid wasting this artisan produce, Yorkshire Dama Cheese have partnered with Laund Farm to support the production of sheep’s milk and prevent farmers from downscaling their flock - resulting in our luscious new range of squeaky cheese!

Sheeps Cheese
Lamb Burgers Stuffed with Squeaky Cheese

There are so many ways to enjoy our squeaky sheep’s cheese, but one of our summer favourites is our stuffed lamb burgers:


200g minced lamb meat

200g sheep's milk squeaky cheese

Pitta bread



Olive oil


1. Start by slicing the sheep's squeaky cheese into thin pieces

2. In a separate bowl season the minced meat with pepper

3. Then roll the meat into balls and press them to form a flat meat layer

4. Next, place a piece of squeaky cheese in the middle of two thing meat layers to form a nice sealed burger

5. Finally cook the burger on the grill, griddle or BBQ until the meat is fully cooked and there you have the perfect summer meal!