Yorkshire Dama Cheese Award winning cheese

We're so proud of what we do because we know it's the hard work of every member of our team. 

We're lucky enough to have been recognised recently at the British Cheese Awards, World Cheese Awards, International Cheese Awards, World cheese Award Gold Prize 2015-16, British cheese award Silver 2016 for the plain Halloumi, Best Cheese in, Yorkshire 2016 for the Chilli Halloumi, Silver for British cheese Award 2017 for the mint Halloumi, Short listed best cheese in Yorkshire 2016 for the Spreadable yogurt

Razan was nominated by the Prime Minster for International Womens’ Day 2015, Woman of the Year 2016, Silver Royal Highland show 2017, Gold for the spreadable yogurt Great Yorkshire Show 2017, Gold for the British cheese award 2018 for the original flavour, Bronze for the British cheese award for the Rosemary Squeaky cheese 2018, Great test 2018 for the original flavour, Champion for the best added flavour at Great Yorkshire Show for the Rosemary Squeaky cheese, Best Cheese in Yorkshire Taste Award DY 2018 for the Rosmary Squeaky cheese.