Sheep's Milk Yoghurt
Sheep's Milk Yoghurt
Sheep's Milk Yoghurt

Sheep's Milk Yoghurt

Greek-style yoghurt made from 100% sheep's milk

Sheep's Milk-Yogurt: Is a good alternative fore those whom got lactose intolerance, It is higher in calcium and protein than the Cow's milk-Yogurt.

Our milk sourced from one farm and single heard owned by an amazing family in Lancaster, you can eat it fresh exactly like any other type of yogurt, you will distinct the silky smooth creamy mouthful texture, it is amazing on top of granola mixture with fruits to enrich your day with vitamin D. 

The amazing about Sheep's milk is that it got both the Calcium and vitamin D which making a complete solution to boost the level of both minerals and vitamins in your body which is the natural choice instead of using dietary supplement especially for pregnant women.




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