Spreadable Yoghurt (Labneh)

 Spreadable Yoghurt (Labneh)

Labneh is a spreadable yoghurt from the Middle East. It is traditionally made by straining most of the liquid out of yogurt. Surprisingly, Labneh isn't high in fat. 

It is a healthy replacement choice of cream cheese, as it's got NO Preservatives, NO Additives, NO colourings. 

It is made by Yorkshire Dama Cheese through a process of straining the water out of the yoghurt to create a protein dense low fat spreadable yoghurt. Yet it still retains a creamy taste.

Perfect as a dip for both sweet and savoury nibbles or to add to recipes where cream cheese would traditionally be used (such as cheesecakes and pasta sauces)

Labneh is a healthy replacement for cream cheese. ...
Labneh is a healthy replacement for cream cheese. Made from pressed yoghurt (comprising of milk,live culture, salt) We do not add any E-numbers or preservatives to this product...
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