Yorkshire Dama - Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese - Za'atar

Yorkshire Squeaky Cheese - Za'atar

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Our Squeaky cheese with Za'atar "Wild Thyme" is the mix between the middle east flavour as we source our Za'atar from Jordan with creamy British milk.
Made from local 100% cow's milk, salt and vegetarian rennet, with Za'atar.

You can simply Grill it, BBQ, or stuff it on top of portobello mushroom. Can be served raw or grilled.

Suitable for vegetarians

6 month shelf


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1 Reviews

Dear gods, this is amazing
I've tried most of the other flavours of the Squeaky Cheese (just the onion seed left to try) and there are none that I don't like, but this one is just astonishing. The best praise that I can give this is that only half made it into the wraps because I ate the rest while cooking it. Don't put any strong sauces with it because you want the za'atar flavour to come through, just some cucumber, some tomato, maybe a little humous and you'll be good to go. My only regret is only buying one to try because now I want more.

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